Wednesday, 19 May 2010

sticks and stones.

This year of uni is over so i've found myself with quite alot of time on my hands, naturally i'm trying to fill it with novels. As i've read and thoroughly enjoyed a book by Chuck Palahniuk before (Fight club), a friend kindly lent me Lullaby, so i gave it a bash.

It's unfortunate that this is the only second book i've read by him as the plotline is so terrible its put me off reading the less well known Palahniuk Novels.

Its written in the classic 'Transgressive Fiction' style very similar to that of Mr. Ellis which i do thoroughly enjoy but this energy is wasted on a shockingly bad story.

Basically to sum it up: A reporter is doing a piece investigating sudden infant death syndrome, he begins to notice all the dead children were read the same poem. Turns out to be an old 'Culling song' which makes people drop dead (yes, i know). It turns into a big hunt for a book of black magic, people die etc. It's actually quite laughable in parts.

Don't waste hours of your life on this book.


  1. is it really that bad? laaame. you should read invisible mosnters!

  2. it is really that bad, i bought choke the other day which is meant to be good.