Saturday, 24 April 2010

Hard to miss.

well kids, this post is to teach you a lesson in tooth safety. Over the years i have managed to chip/ break two of my teeth three times, yes three times.

The first occasion was in primary school and came about by me leaning backwards on my chair. In this incident i knocked out around four of my pearly whites (all baby teeth no harm done), which may i add some sicko stole from the teachers desk. The tooth fairy is really not that stupid. Anyway, my front tooth came through (the one i've re-broken) as a half tooth. The dentist sorted that badboy out.

Fast forward a decade, two years ago i broke my front tooths next door neighbour by fainting out of a lift, which was embarrasing to say the least. This resulted in the dentist swapping the faulty ones with two lovely veneers, which are meant to be as strong as REAL teeth.

And now we get to the most recent occurence, watching twin peaks, knitting away, cast off and decide to rip the wool with my teeth. bit down hard, bad idea.

So to prevent you from looking like your a cast member of oliver twist, please be careful with your teeth when you are around chairs, lifts and most importantly knitting.

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