Thursday, 18 March 2010

10 reasons why i'm a slightly bigger fan of Alex Glover than Cigerettes

1. You are not going to give me lung cancer, always a plus.
2. i cannot ask cigerettes the difinition of words without being judged.
3. cigerettes make me feel guilty, you however do not.
4. you don't make me smell like an ashtray.
5. you don't make me taste like an ashtray.
6. you don't cost as much moulah to keep.
7.i can't impress cigerettes with my kniting skills.
8. you like to watch shit american teen dramas with me (although cigerettes can keep me company during these long times)
9. your water proof (not sure how this is a plus as of yet but its true?)
10. and finally, i'm sorry i can't think of a last one.

But i can't smoke you and look cool, it just has to be a three way relationship alex.

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